HoopGuy brings hoops to the nation for fitness

HoopGuy has hit the high-life and after a fantastic appearance on Britain’s Got Talent he has been invited to be on ITV’s This Morning show - today from 10.30am.

He wowed the crowd with a bit of cheek n charm and got Simon Cowell on stage running around after Alesha Dixon and there’s still rumours Alesha may be singing the track soon too.

HoopGuy on Britain's Got Talent with Simon Cowell and Alesha Dixon

So that aside, the remarkable coincidence is that the singer I invited to re-sing the song for the video, is called Emily Jane Brooks and she has just finished being on a UK tour with Phillip Schofield - who will be with HoopGuy later this morning.  

Emily with Phillip on the recent Knights of Music tour

HoopGuy approached me to make a video for his song which is crazily catchy I must admit.  We spent most of March filming him in various places around Warwickshire and used our studio green screen filming room to add some humour, drawing a connection between Warwick DC (District Council) locations and Washington DC (District of Columbia) locations.  

HoopGuy will be releasing the video this week hopefully and I will let you know as soon as he does - but there could be 1 last surprise in store!



Simon Cowell, Alesha Dixon, HoopGuy, BB Studio