Value for Money

Just about everyone who books into the studio has 2 main concerns - time and money.  
I understand the dilemma and have been working with musicians facing this problem since 2004 at the barn.

A lot of people think my rates are too low and some think they are too high.  You can't please everyone and I don't set out too.  Time-wise tho' there is plenty of scope for flexibility and this is where all my clients win.  They know that a project needs to be completed to the highest standard since it represents both them as artists and myself as a service provider - no matter what i am doing - be it recording, mixing, editing, audio production, filming, parties, photography, video production etc.  There's no point in doing a bad job!

So it makes me chuckle when people want to haggle on the price.  I like hagglers and certainly have haggled with people myself, especially in Italy where it's almost expected to make the buying experience 'fun' - or angry as it often gets over there!!
If you are haggling then in some ways you are saying 'i don't respect your pricing structure but i like your set up and want to work with you so please give me something extra'. If its money off then, in short, I would be left feeling that I may not give as much to the project since there is a level of disrespect from the onset.  If it's time then sure that's easy - especially if we get on great and enjoy the recording process.  So I never haggle on price but like to think I'm generous on time.

What value do you put on your recordings?

I know what it costs to run the studio and set my rates accordingly, but time I can always give extra if required, my pleasure. 

This little bit of wall art I saw in a restaurant recently - think about it - you wouldn't want to upset your chef would you and get undercooked food because you don't like his prices!!

BB Studio - Good, Cheap or Fast?