"It's not about the money money money, we don't need your money money money,
we just want to make the world dance, forget about the price tag.
Sadly Jessie J is not likely to be your producer at BB Studio and is not completely right about what she sings.  
As much as though BB Studio would love to work for FREE we also have bills to pay! Sorry about that.

Studio days

Midweek Full Day - £220
Midweek Half Day - £120
Midweek Per Hour - £45

Weekend Full Day - £320
Weekend Half Day - £170
Weekend Per Hour - £60



Bronze Party - £160
Silver Party - £210
Gold Party - £280
Platinum Party - £340
Please check our Pop Star Party website for full costs:

special deals

Singing to backing tracks - £50/song (approx 2 hours per song)
Soloist with accompaniment - £50/song (approx 2.5 hours)
Duo with 2 instruments - £60/song (approx 3 hours)

Spoken word for Voiceovers/AudioBook/Podcast - £40/hour
We can arrange for voice actors and they all have individual costs

Students taking graded exams with tutors & peripatetic teachers:
Bring your instrument & sheet music to make a recording of your set pieces.
£25/hour for solo or £40/hour for accompanied by piano.


We use HD Cameras & Final Cut Pro & have a unique green-screen filming room.
Video projects are best discussed first but range from simple showreel style videos (shot live in front of our grey noise absorption panels) to full movie style music videos for any genre, shot on location and/or with green-screened action, plus effects. Call for quote.


As a rule of thumb it is widely accepted that the more time you spend on a project the better it will be.  From choosing the right mic and its' position, to the number of takes required for a performance to be at its best.  If you are working to a tight budget that is absolutely fine, but compromises will have to be made somewhere along the line.  As a studio it's in our best interests to always give as much energy as we can to any project and this may happen on a different day after the recordings have been made. So if you can allow a good amount of time this will work in your interest long term.  If you want it tomorrow then we're going to have be decisive & live with it.  

Over the years I have taken on clients who have not been happy with the end production made at studios elsewhere.  Generally I have found it is not the other studio at fault, but the amount of time the client was willing to pay for, that led to their dissatisfaction. So please consider how long it takes to do things - it's the end result that matters. 

song writing

Original music is obviously what the music world is all about.  We love original music because there are no boundaries, no rules & no constraints.  With covers there can be. Song writing is fun, stressful, exciting, frustrating, infectious, tedious, rewarding and many more emotive phrases.  Most of all it is of course unique - every song is new.  
How long does it take to write a song?
5 minutes to 6 months plus - it's all about inspiration.  But if you have a song in your head, a melody, just an idea or theme then we will dig it out & get it working for you. Rates for songs start at £220/day if we are starting from scratch & writing/creating/composing the tune with you.  Start with the end in mind!  Please call to discuss.

Terms & Conditions apply to all bookings taken at BB Studio - read our T&C's here

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