St Patricks Day explained

At the age of 16, Patrick (or Maewyn as he was known) was literally attacked by pirates, kidnapped and sold as a slave to an Irish chieftain. He endured poverty, filth, and isolation. He was nearly killed multiple times.

If anyone had a right to give up and give in to discouragement, it was he. (So it was)

Most people would've lost hope. (So they would)

Patrick didn't do that. Instead, he used his time in slavery to his advantage. He learned about the people.  He learned the language.  He prayed, day and night, and grew in his faith.

Eventually, he escaped on a ship back to his family. But then he began to have dreams and visions of returning to Ireland as a missionary, to finish what he began.

And that he did. (So he did)

When he returned years later, he spoke the language and understood the culture like no other foreigner could.

He knew HOW to influence the Irish leaders (some of whom would have gladly eaten him), because he found a way to build relationships with them. 

He went on to influence and change the whole nation of Ireland, even bringing peace between fighting clans.

In the book ‘How the Irish Saved Civilisation’, it's noted that, because of Patrick's faith and determination, he was able to virtually save all of western civilisation through the faithful monks and scribes he discipled, because they went on to diligently record history and preserve all our literary works of history during the barbarian invasions, when they were burning history records and libraries, raping and pillaging, etc!

If it weren't for Patrick's willingness to get comfortable with being extremely uncomfortable, history would look very different (we might not even know what happened) and education as we know it might not exist!

So there we go - if you are a singer or a musician or a music producer the little lesson that can be learned from today is, to get uncomfortable.  Try something new (unless what you are doing is selling extremely well and you are already in the charts and perhaps famous!) or at least try something different and if all that fails - try a pint of Guinness. - doing things different