New Service added to help business owners promote themselves better

This year we have been asked to help out at a few local events and take some video footage of various performances plus take pictures.  Video is increasingly popular with everyone now and some people are happy to shoot footage themselves on their phones of course, but the results are never as good. Making videos is something BB Studio is very experienced in now, but photography is another field of expertise.  

In light of this we have partnered up with a fantastic local photographer who has been shooting people for a number of years and specialises in head shots and portfolio work.  Jay Deeley has his own brand called Pop-up Pix which is fairly self descriptive - he will come to your work place and shoot various portfolio pictures for use on social media, newsletters and so on. 

Effortless Promotion has been created to combine our 2 services and provide an all-in-one session where you can talk to camera about your products or services or show us around your premises, which you may be renting to others (homes etc) or to the public so they feel more connected with you as a business, as well as have a photoshoot to gain great pictures.

So if you have products or services you want to shout about then get in touch and a session can be set up to provide you with all the promotional media you may need to get you going.

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