If Dave can, we all can.

How old would you say the average person is who releases a track?

I work with people of all ages and I think the youngest person to record was a young lad reciting prayers, only last year.  The oldest person I have ever worked with to date was 92 and still singing. 

Featured here in this article is Dave Jagger - Dave is an astonishing man - he turned 70 recently and is still actively recording an album with a local band at BB Studio.  He has played several gigs over the last couple of years, since being spotted, and actually works with 2 different bands from time to time.  Dave is due to release his first ever single this year and more details will be divulged very soon.

Don't ever think you are are too 'anything' for music - if Dave can, we all can.


Dave Jagger Born in a Barn Studio.jpg