Happy New Year

Can you believe it's 2017 already? Well it is, so let's get on with it!

The year ahead looks colourful - if last year was at best a little dark, with so many famous stars and artists passing away in one way or another including Bowie, Lemmy and George Michael, then the year ahead can only be better.  A lot of fundamental changes to life's organisation were made last year including the vote for Brexit and the vote for Trump.  Everyone has an opinion on it in some way, but when all is said and done we will only find out how theses decisions truly pan out, in the course of time - so don't get too caught up in worrying about the consequences before they happen.  Let's write some music about interesting things that happen in the lives around us, which influence us and shape us.

We already have with one artist who came to the studio last week with her new song. One of the lines in this song is 'its all on you' and she is right.  It's a simple message - Don't blame others for your faults.  

Let's get on with making music - if you are thinking about recording some songs you enjoy singing or have new ideas you want crafting into a song, get in touch. Cheers.

PS the picture here was taken on holiday in Berlin at the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe. An absolutely fascinating place simply comprising 54 rows x 87 columns of concrete blocks, all very slightly different.  A very, very quiet place but also a place that shows art can be created from anything with enough thought.  This memorial is only concrete but used cleverly to create a lasting memory.  


BB Studio in Berlin

New music video release

We write songs at BB Studio, mainly with our customers but sometimes just for fun.

Cellphone Superhero was inspired by observing a person in a MacDonald's restaurant chuckling away to themselves whilst on a phone - to who knows who??

The song talks about how we really can be almost anyone we want when using our phones to connect with people. Not only can we alter pictures and carefully write/edit what we type, but we can masquerade as someone different from our real existence - which can be fun or very dangerous. Of course whilst we are on our phones we actually miss what's going on in front of us and often get into danger by not observing the surroundings - is Cellphone Superhero here to help?  You decide.

The song was filmed using the colourful underpasses of Coventry City and is a simple mood video using colour and mystery to entertain the eye. Watch closely!!


If you would like to write a song with us then please get in touch. Theres tons we can do, either in the studio or outside - everything always depends on budget!


Site launch day

So the new site has been set live successfully and the old site domain mapped to it - we now own both .com and .co.uk domains for borninabarnstudio too.  Email has proven slightly frustrating so please either social media for a day or 2 until its working or call the studio mobile 07956 624376 thanks