New music video release

We write songs at BB Studio, mainly with our customers but sometimes just for fun.

Cellphone Superhero was inspired by observing a person in a MacDonald's restaurant chuckling away to themselves whilst on a phone - to who knows who??

The song talks about how we really can be almost anyone we want when using our phones to connect with people. Not only can we alter pictures and carefully write/edit what we type, but we can masquerade as someone different from our real existence - which can be fun or very dangerous. Of course whilst we are on our phones we actually miss what's going on in front of us and often get into danger by not observing the surroundings - is Cellphone Superhero here to help?  You decide.

The song was filmed using the colourful underpasses of Coventry City and is a simple mood video using colour and mystery to entertain the eye. Watch closely!!

If you would like to write a song with us then please get in touch. Theres tons we can do, either in the studio or outside - everything always depends on budget!