Bits & Bobs

Just a quickie to show a few things I’ve been getting sorted to help the summer months be even more fun.

Over the last 2 or 3 months I have been tarting up the outside area at the back of the studio. When the extension was built the builders kindly offered to lay some decking and as they did this we plopped a patio in place, but never quite finished it off. It’s been too long and I decided to tidy it up.

So starting with the patio I pulled it all up, jet-washed the slabs and bought some new ones to make relaying a more complete job and really have the farm builder to thank in helping to do this. Top job completed. The last bits involved finishing off the edges and borders, adding some outside furniture and I found some rather cool false ivy to decorate the fence - so I’m ready for suggestions for where to go next!!

The view from the decking is great and we often use out here to chill down from the parties when kids are getting too hot, plus it’s used for private parties. The pic of overgrown weeds is from 2 years ago - never knew weeds could grow so tall!