Xv Frames debut EP

When young band Xv Frames came to the studio they didn’t know why they were called Fifteen Frames (well that’s how you say it apparently!) so maybe if you read this post you should go ask them directly!
I always ask what I think are pertinent questions of any new band using the studio to record, but have never in 25 years of owning the barn come across a band who don’t know why they are called what they are! Good start - but it got us talking.

Being young they had a small budget but big aspirations and tons of enthusiasm. With only 2 days booked to record 6 songs it was all quite feasible and they certainly had practiced well, showcasing the songs to me before we began the set up procedure. After 2 days of organised chaos we had 6 songs in the can - 3 full band songs and 3 acoustic tracks with various singers and arrangements. A well organised and productive group.

The songs are now available on iTunes and all those other streamy places:

More Than You Would Do - EP - Xv Frames

A very happy band comprising 5 main chaps (Sam, Ollie, Sean, Aiden & George) plus female backing vocalist Grace, with great songwriting skills and a good amount of punch - check them out on Instagram too:

BBStudio XVFrames.jpeg