A lot changed this year

Every year the studio will be upgraded somehow, be it a room makeover or new software upgrades or changes to the function of a room.

This year it’s been a bit of everything from new road signs to H&S certificates and cushions!

Since joining the band I’ve needed more equipment for live gigging again, as well as a refurbished drum kit of course, plus the Live Room has to accommodate me playing again and the band generally, so new stuff had to be done to that room - we spend a lot of time in there!

The outside has been a focus too, with the slight thought of global warming bringing better weather it seems kinda sensible to put some focus on the outside areas - this started by re-laying the patio and building up from there - now we can do BB BBQ’s - awesome.

So - let’s not bore you reading this - here’s some pics of the fun.

Of course if you fancy booking a session, get in touch - https://www.BorninaBarnStudio.com or call Roger direct on 07956 624376 - or pass this to someone you know - cheers.