All photography provided by BB. Creativity from Cornwall.

Where do ideas come from?  Being creative can feel a bit strange, something we are used to. We bring life to your ideas.


things that make you go, hmmm?

"It's good - let's go with that!"

"That'll do - no-one will ever know!"

"Don't worry about it - you won't hear that in the mix!"

These are things you should never hear in the recording studio, right.

Perfection is something that is almost an obsession.  Chasing perfection can lead to illness - as well as the big bucks. Having a producer on-board to cast an outside opinion to the band/artists and their own perfectionist ways is vital to the production of a good piece of music.  Besides - what is perfect?
But the point above about creativity is quite relevant - sometimes having a different approach to the same end, provides a wonderful opportunity for you to capture things you never imagined.  How it's played/sung/rapped is one thing - how it's treated is another & that's why at BB Studio we say "You can't rush art!"

I worked with Roger and my group the 480 collective on my track entitled “Broken”. I found Roger and the set up at Born in a Barn to be very professional. Roger is full of creative ideas and added a lot of value to the track. The end result was perfect and hopefully the track will go on to experience some commercial success once released.
— Steven Marshall-Law, 480 Collective

Who have we worked with?

Select success stories & some of the singing competitions we have worked with.

  • Tinie Tempah (Most UK No.1 rap artist hits) - 3Oh!3 'Don't Trust Me' feat. Tinie Tempah
  • Mark Adams/AUTO (ex The Specials) - 'Prospects' single
  • The Bobcats (UK band) - 'One More Shot' Album
  • Ist (Leicester band) - 'The Wreck Of The Eddie Fitzpatrick/I Am Jesus (And You're Not)' single
  • Dear Superstar (Manchester band) - 'Live Love Lie' written at BB Studio as part of their first album
  • The Session (Coventry band) - 'Loaded Hobo' single
  • Jaya - 'Outta Control'
  • Mr England finalist 2011 (winner 2013) - Jordan Williams
  • Miss England finalist 2012 - Jodie Duckworth
  • Miss Great Britain finalist 2014 - Claire Robinson (3rd place)
  • OpenMic UK finalist 2015 Matilda Pratt
  • TeenStar Competition finalist 2014 - Ellie-Grace Foxon
  • OpenMic UK finalists 2011 - Remedy Sounds (best original song) & Sheena McHugh (3rd place)
  • RKA Records & Marq Figuli - 'Fly Around Me'
  • Duchamp Pilot - Gaston Lungman