BB Studio has been a Pro Tools HD studio since 2004 with analogue & digital input capabilities.

Final production is achieved 'in the box' using all Apple computers - currently iMac with Digidesign HD I/O 8x8x8 interface. We use mainly Waves Plug-ins, plus Antares for Autotune but have many, many others appropriate to requirements.  

There are 2 systems in place operating both Logic and Pro Tools software and we can output through a large selection of different speakers including nearfield monitors, headphones, our studio custom PA & different general loudspeakers.

Full list of gear is available to see - click here

A few tips on making the most of your time at the recording session:

  • try to arrive on time - call if you're held up
  • bring everything you feel you need - better to have too much
  • bring spares of things that can break - strings, sticks, reeds etc.
  • bring some food as BB is at least 4 miles from a shop - we have a fridge
  • try to have your performance rehearsed
  • do warm up exercises if you would normally - we have heard most styles
  • if you feel you could be nervous allow extra time when booking, so we don't have to rush anything - you will relax though - everyone does
  • trust us to help you - if help is not required then be precise in describing requirements
  • be open to suggestion - trying new ideas can be productive
  • get local feedback on your production before publishing on the net - take a day or so to listen to it and make sure you are 100% happy 
  • discuss concerns with us - we like listening!
Hi Roger,
Just a quick mail to say thanks for the remixes.
Thanks again for a wonderful experience, am spreading the word.
— S Horley, Southern Cross Band

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