Who runs BB Studio?

Roger Greasby is the owner of the studio & runs most services.
The 3 P's of Roger's music career have evolved as Piano, Percussion & Production! 
In his 20s Roger played in several bands as drummer (rock & metal) & keyboardist (indie) as well as being head percussionist in orchestras & brass bands as a teenager.  Roger's piano career peaked at 17 gaining a diploma in music with LRAM. After that Roger went to Warwick University gaining a BSc in Chemistry.   For a number of years Roger worked as stage hand & sound engineer with SSE Hire in Birmingham.  Roger worked touring with Fly By Nite Trucking, operating from Birmingham & driving big-rigs all over Europe with & for bands. Roger previously ran a rehearsal & recording studio in Coventry city centre for a few years after university.

Outside interests from music are ice-skating, cooking, hiking & diving as well as visiting space centres & travelling the world to find new instruments for the studio with a story. Since becoming a Dad to Grace & Husband to Rachel, there has been a little less time for playing or performing live, but Roger is still active in music production & promotion with select artists.

RantProd Music Production is a partner company run with songwriter Tony White. Tony has played in various bands over the years and is a highly talented guitarist, bassist & keyboardist. Tony's ability to add backing vocals to songs is unchallenged & Tony is a highly accomplished song writer.
Find out more about RantProd Music Production here.

Over the years BB Studio has welcomed many young people to get involved for work experience, part-time jobs and company assistance and welcomes all interest from people who are pro-active, motivated & talented.  We are looking for budding engineers who feel they could bring fresh ideas to the business and marketing experts, as the field of advertising is constantly changing.

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